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Curriculum Requirements

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Enrollment in Coursework

The biomedical sciences advisor will initially enroll first year student in their first session of coursework (curriculum begins second week of August). It is the student’s responsibility to enroll in courses and to confirm course enrollment. Failure to enroll by scheduled deadlines may result in the lapse of student status or delay financial aid. Students also need to check on GROWL that all student fees and fines are paid. Unpaid fees and fines cause automatic system generated holds in registration and financial aid. The advisor is available to provide insight and assist students with the online process of enrollment and fee payments.

The GROWL system is the campus phone and web service for enrolling in course work. Using GROWL via the Web, students can enroll in classes, confirm course enrollment, view grades, check their financial aid, billing, degree progress, view their student ID, change their address or Perm PIN number, update privacy restrictions, and get help via the web. On the internet go to To use GROWL you must enter your date of birth, student ID number, and Perm PIN number.

First Year Curriculum

  • BMSC 229: Foundations for Translational Research
  • BMSC 230 series: Foundations of Medicine (joint medical and graduate student lectures)
  • BMSC 261: Methods in Biomedical Research (technique-based rotations)
  • BMSC 252: Seminars in Biomedical Research (invited speakers on cutting-edge approaches to biomedical research)
  • BMSC 254: Graduate Student Seminar (Biomed Pizza Friday)

Second Year and Beyond

  • BMSC 252: Each year until graduation, students must enroll in "Seminars in Biomedical Research" (invited speakers on cutting-edge approaches to biomedical research).
  • BMSC 254: Each year until graduation, student must enroll in "Graduate Student Seminar" (Biomed Pizza Friday).
  • BMSC 260: Topics in Biomedical Research (graduate student problem-based learning)
  • Qualifying Exam: Normative completion by the end of the second year of the program. However, this exam must be completed by the end of the third year in the program.
  • One Quarter TA-ship (BMSC 302):  To acquire experience in mentorship and teaching (may be completed in any year prior to dissertation exam).

Completing the Program

Dissertation Exam

Normative completion by the end of the fifth year of the program.

Students who have completed all degree requirements except for filing their dissertation or completing the final examination are eligible for filing fee status during the final quarter of residence. For students writing dissertations, the major professor must certify that the student's committee has read and approved a draft of the manuscript and that only minor revisions need to be made.

Students on filing fee status pay only one-half of the registration fee rather than register and pay full fees. Only one quarter of filing fee status is allowed. Students who fail to complete their degree programs must register and pay full fees for the following quarter.

Students on filing fee status are not eligible to receive fellowship funds and cannot be paid as a graduate student researcher (GSR).

Unsatisfactory Progress and Leaving the Program

It is expected that students will make good progress in the Biomedical Science Graduate Program. The Graduate Division will block registration of students who fail to perform satisfactorily. In addition, unsatisfactory academic progress severely limits opportunities for receiving funding through the program. Students are considered to be making unacceptable progress when:

  • They fail to fulfill program requirements such as exams or research in a timely and satisfactory manner.
  • Their overall GPA drops below the minimum level of 3.50 for fellowship recipients, 3.25 for those holding TA appointments, or 3.00 for non-supported students.
  • They have 12 or more units of “I” grades.
  • Their major professor feels that the student is not making normal progress in the laboratory.

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