University of California, Riverside

Division of Biomedical Sciences


What Our Program Faculty and Students Do

Involvement With On Campus Centers:

Applied and Translational Programs

  • Collaborative studies between Lo (UCR Div. Biomed. Sci), Weirauch (UCR Entomology Dept), and Kaiser Permanente: allergic responses of patients in Southern California to salivary antigens of Triatoma species

Innovative Grant Awards:

  • Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation: Grand Challenges in Global Health: “Development of a Targeted Mucosal Vaccine Delivery Technology”
  • Dana Foundation Program in Neuroimmunology

Involvement with Scientific Societies

Check out these society websites for photos of our program faculty and students!

Recent Student Awards

  • Careers in Immunology Fellowship from American Association of Immunologists (2015-2016); Tyler Landrith (mentor: Emma Wilson)
  • UNCF-Merck Predoctoral Fellowship (2010–12); Deirdre S. Davis (mentor: Monica Carson)
  • Cancer Federation Award (2009) Kuan-Hui Ethan Chen (mentor: Ameae Walker)
  • Frances Marlatt Baugh Award (2009) Heddie Richards (mentor: Katie DeFea)

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