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Teaching Requirement

teaching requirements

BMSC 302 - Directed Teaching

All students are required to assist in the teaching of at least one quarter of course instruction on campus.

The major professor (dissertation mentor) and the graduate advisor must approve a student’s application to be a teaching assistant. Students are encouraged to contact the student affairs officer before completing the application to learn about the application process and the expectations for teaching assistants.

Students receive course credit for serving as a teaching assistant by enrolling in BMSC 302 (Directed Teaching). Contact the student affairs officer to enroll in BMSC302. The one quarter teaching requirement may be completed in any year of the program. Under the discretion of the graduate program director, the TA requirement can be waived or can be completed by alternative mentoring and educational opportunities.

Students are required to complete TA training through the Teaching Assistant Development Program (TADP) before they begin their teaching experience. Training consists of orientation (offered at the beginning of fall quarter), two prep courses, and three workshops.

The SPEAK/TAST Exam (TOEFL Academic Speaking Test)

To be appointed a TA, any student whose native language is not English must pass an English proficiency exam. This includes not only international students but also any student whose first language is not English. The TAST exam is scheduled by the International Education Programs in University Extension approximately two weeks before the beginning of fall quarter.

For students who score a conditional pass or are within the probationary range, a determination of their continuing eligibility to serve as TAs will be made by the graduate dean on the basis of:

  • Departmental recommendation, including an assessment of the student's academic ability.
  • Student teaching evaluations.
  • Other evidence of commitment to/performance in teaching (e.g., faculty evaluations or statements of support, videotapes).
  • Evidence of a good-faith effort to improve English skills; and relative proximity to the level of competence represented by a clear pass.

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