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2016-17 Presentation Schedule Archive

2016-17 Schedule Archive for BMSC 252: Invited Speaker Seminar Series & BMSC 254: Science Practice, Scientific Method and Bioethics

This page is an archive of the scheduled presentations for the 252 and 254 seminars during the 2016-17 academic year. To see the schedule for the current year, as it becomes available, please visit our new web page.

BMSC 254 (Biomed Pizza Friday) 2016-17 Schedule

SOM Research Building, Room 321, 12:15 p.m.

Session I: Bioethics
Sept. 9 Scientific Method I: Lab practices and note book – David Lo
Sept. 16 Policies regarding vertebrate animals, human subjects and safe laboratory practices - Ilhem Messaoudi
Sept. 23 Scientific misconduct; Case Study “Sloppy or misconduct”? Dena Plemmons
Sept. 30 Conflicts of Interest in Medical Research, collaborations between physicians or medical researcher and pharmaceutical, medical devices and biotech companies - Seema Tiwari-Woodruff
Oct. 14 Graduate Student Researcher Funding Opportunities: The "How to's" – Ursula Prins
Session II: Scientific Method & Presentation
Oct. 21 Data acquisition, integrity, management, sharing and ownership - Sika Zheng
Oct. 28 Statistics – James Flegal
Nov. 4 Getting published: Authorship, allocation of credit and Peer Review, Collaborative Research and sharing of research results - Meera Nair
Nov. 18 Powerpoint presentations: how to get your point across to a variety of audiences - Declan McCole
Session III: Biomedical Careers
Dec. 2 Beyond grad school: Interviewing for a job - Monica Carson
Dec. 9 December 9th: Academic Careers - Nicholas DiPatrizio
Dec. 16 Alternative careers in Biomedical Sciences – Maurizio Pellecchia
Research in Progress
Jan. 6 Abdullah Madany, Monica Carson's Lab
Jan.13 10th Annual Symposium for the Center of Glial Neuronal Interactions (CGNI),
Highlander Union Building (all day)
Jan. 20 Luis Jiminez, Sika Zhang's Lab
Jan. 27 Recruitment Day: Alex Corches, Anica Sayoc & Anthony Perez
Feb. 3 Dr. Gustavo Gonez, Martin Garcia-Castro's Lab
Feb. 10 Tyler Landrith, Emma Wilson's Lab
Feb. 17 Andrea Rivera, Ilhem Messaoudi's Lab
Feb. 24 Dr. Jiang Li, Meera Nair's Lab
March 3 Tasha Barr, Ilhem Messaoudi's Lab
March 10 Nancy Lainez, Djurdjica Coss' Lab
March 17 Dr. Jacqueline Hubbard, Devin Binder's Lab
March 24 Hawra Karim, Seema Tiwari-Woordruff's Lab
& Stephanie King, Declan McCole's Lab
March 31 Holiday
April 7 Kristen Dias, Fedor Karginov's Lab
April 14 Andrew Lapato, Seema Tiwari-Woodruff's Lab
& John Macbeth, Ansel Hsiao's Lab
April 21 Dr. Yelena Grinberg, Monica Carson's Lab
April 28 Spring Break
May 5 Zhehao (Mike) Xiong, Jaiyu Liao Lab
May 12 Erin Walch, Jessica Noll, & Kelley Atkinson
May 19 Kelly Radecki, Maham Rais, & Mark Wiley
May 26 Parima Udompholkul, Jessica Noll, & Stephanie Guardado
June 2 Iryna Ethell, Ice Cream and Faculty Talk

BMSC 252 - 2016-2017

4:00 p.m. Medical Education Building G650, Orbach Library G73, or SOM Research Bldg 321

Oct. 10 Sean O’Leary, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor, Department of Biochemistry, University of California, Riverside
Dynamics and Mechanism in Eukaryotic Translation Initiation
Classroom: SOM Education Building G650
Oct. 17 Hyle Park, Ph.D. - Associate Professor of Bioengineering, University of California, Riverside
Development of OCT for Functional Nerve Assessment
Classroom: Orbach Research Library G 73
Oct. 24 Kaustabh Ghosh, Ph.D., - Assistant Professor, Department of Bioengineering, and Program in Cell Molecular and Developmental Biology, UC Riverside
Learning the 'hard' way: Uncovering the Role of Vascular Stiffness in Chronic Vascular Inflammation
Classroom: SOM Education Building G650
Oct. 31 Bret N. Smith, Ph.D., - Interim Chair, Department of Anatomy & Neurobiology, University Research Professor of Physiology, Epilepsy Center (EpiC) Director, University of Kentucky, College of Medicine
Reactive neuroplasticity and epileptogenesis after traumatic brain injury”
Classroom: SOM Education Building G650
Nov. 7 Detlev Boison, Ph.D., - Robert Stone Dow Chair and Director, Neurobiology Research, Director of Basic and Translational Research, Legacy Research Institute, Robert Stone Dow Neurobiology Laboratories, Legacy Research Institute
Prevention of epilepsy: the therapeutic potential of adenosine
Classroom: SOM Education Building G650
Nov. 14 Jeff Perry, Ph.D., - Assistant Professor, Biochemistry, UC Riverside & International Adjunct Professor, Amrita University, Kerala, India & Adjunct Professor, Universidad Francisco de Vitoria, Madrid, Spain
SUMO and Ubiquitin pathways, key components controlling genome stability and novel therapeutic targets for cancer and neurodegenerative diseases
Classroom: Orbach Library, G 73
Nov. 21 Huinan Liu, Ph.D., - Assistant Professor, Bioengineering, UC Riverside
Engineering Biodegradable Materials and interfaces for Medical Applications
Classroom: Orbach Library, G 73
Jan. 16 Holiday
Jan. 23 Alysson Renato Muotri, Ph.D., - Associate Professor, Director of the Stem Cell Program, Institute for Genomic Medicine, Dept. of Pediatrics & Cellular Molecular Medicine, UCSD School of Medicine, Rady Children’s Hospital, Sanford Consortium
Insights into the human social brain using a stem cell model
Classroom: SOM Education Building G650
Jan. 30 Benjamin Deneen, Ph.D., - Associate Professor, Dept of Neuroscience, Center for Cell & Gene Therapy, Baylor College of Medicine
Developmental Gliogenesis: The Crossroads of Cell Fate and Malignancy in the CNS
Classroom: SOM Education Building G650
Feb. 6 LCME Accreditation Visit
Feb. 20 President's Day Holiday
March 6 Peyman Golshani, M.D./Ph.D., - Associate Professor, Department of Neurology, M.D./Ph.D.: UC Irvine, School of Medicine
Brain state and attention-specific membrane potential modulation in visual cortex"
Classroom: SOM Education Building G650
March 13 To be announced
Classroom: SOM Education Building G650
March 20 To be announced
Classroom: SOM Education Building G650
March 27 To be announced
Classroom: SOM Education Building G650
April 3 To be announced
Classroom: Orbach Library G73 reserved
April 10 Arthur P. Arnold, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor, Department of Integrative Biology and Physiology
Director, Laboratory of Neuroendocrinology of the UCLA Brain Research Institute, Editor-in-Chief, Biology of Sex Differences, University of California, Los Angeles
Classroom: SOM Education Building G650
April 17 To be announced
Classroom: Orbach Library G73
April 24 Marios Papadopoulos, MD, FRCS(SN), St George University, London
Classroom: SOM Education Building G650
May 8 Graham Scott, PhD, Assistant Professor, Dept of Biology, McMaster University
Classroom: SOM Education Building 1670, 12:00pm (NOON SEMINAR)

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