Introduction to Multiphoton Core Facility

The Nikon A1R MP Plus is a multiphoton confocal microscope that provides optimum imaging configurations for brain research, other neuroscience applications and in vivo imaging of living specimens.

Lab groups may advance their research and work with the technician to learn to properly use the equipment and the Nikon Elements software, and to tailor to each groups’ needs.

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Key Elements of the Nikon A1R MP Plus system

Nikon A1R MP Plus
  • Gallium-arsenide-phosphide (GaAsP) non-descanned detectors (NDD), which detect highly scattered multiphoton excitation and are twice as sensitive as standard NDDs, allowing for deep tissue imaging.
  • An auto-aligned tunable laser (700-1080 nm), which reduces user risk and allows faster acquisition.
  • A spectral detector that has 32 channels and a 2.5 nm, 6 nm, and 10 nm grating wavelength resolution; therefore, a spectra over a range of 320 nm may be collected. This also includes linear unmixing capabilities to remove any unwanted spectra.
  • A hybrid scanner, including a high-resolution Galvano scanner, which uses a mechanical mirror mechanism to capture fine sample details covering a wide angle at 10 frames per second (fps), and an ultrahigh-speed resonant scanner, which is the fastest in the world (able to image at 420 fps). Although resonant scanner images are noisier, Nikon Elements software can smooth out these images, making the resonant scanner ideal for experiments that need quick image capture.