The Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program

The Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program trains independent research scientists to enable them to bridge the wide gulfs that currently exist between basic science research and clinical medicine. Graduate students acquire a broad understanding of human disease, therapeutics and design of predictive experimental model systems through an innovative and rigorous program that integrates medical curriculum with mentored research and critical analysis of research-based modeling of human pathophysiology.

The program grants Ph.D. and M.S. degrees and is for any student with a B.S./B.A. or M.D. or is currently in the M.D. program at UCR School of Medicine.

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Employment Opportunities

Interested in a career in the Division of Biomedical Sciences and the UCR School of Medicine? You can find a complete listing of open positions on the employment page of the SOM website.

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Your philanthropic support provides the UCR School of Medicine with the resources and tools necessary to support our students, research, clinical services and capital projects – all benefiting SOM’s mission of providing excellence in healthcare to diverse and underserved patient populations.

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Biomedical Sciences News

Researchers from Around the World Coming to Riverside for Biennial Conference on Parasite
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covid-19 virus
UCR biomedical scientist joins international SARS-CoV-2 group assembled by NIAID
SAVE focuses on mutations in SARS-CoV-2 and emerging virus variants
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A syringe injecting a vaccine into a ball with pins that represents the covid-19 virus
Should you get a second booster shot for COVID-19?
UC Riverside’s Dr. David Lo, a vaccine expert, shares his thoughts
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A potential antiviral for SARS and SARS-like coronaviruses
UC Riverside-led study shows how an effective therapy against SARS-CoV-2 could be developed
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Scientists profile FDA-approved drugs to potentially treat hundreds of genetic disorders
New method developed by UC Riverside researchers quickly assesses drug potential for rare disorders
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Grant to biomedical scientist will support cerebral malaria research
Byron Ford, a professor of biomedical sciences in the UC Riverside School of Medicine, has received a grant from the National Institutes of Health, or NIH, to develop a new intervention against cerebral malaria.
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Researchers develop molecular traps to target SARS-CoV-2
Joint effort by UC Riverside and UCLA scientists aims to stop the COVID-19-spreading virus from attacking immune cells
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Scientists discover new avian immunological pathway
UC Riverside-led team identifies a new host protein interaction that produces a robust immune response to viral infection in birds and may lead to better poultry vaccines
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