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Master's Program


Master's Degree in Biomedical Sciences

The M.S. program has three primary objectives

  • To enable students to enter multiple biomedically relevant fields such as in biotechnology, science advocacy, and public outreach after completing the program with a terminal M.S. degree.
  • To serve as a discernment and preparation program for students deciding whether their next steps should be entry in M.D. or Ph.D. granting program in medicine, research, or other biomedical or health related fields while receiving a M.S. degree.
  • To allow medical students to augment their medical training with acquisition of specialized expertise in biomedical and health related research areas as part of a dual M.D.-M.S. degree.

Program Overview

The Master's Program in Biomedical Sciences is an ideal program for a) students wishing to pursue biomedical research studies while preparing and selecting their choice of career pathways; b) medical students who wish to conduct research, and c) students seeking a terminal degree before pursuing careers in industry, science advocacy/education or the health-related professions. Students are immersed in a Biomedical Sciences community of engaged graduate students, strong faculty support, research opportunities, and graduate level science classes with specific curricular pathway options.

The Biomedical Sciences M.S. program offers three general scientific enrichment pathways. Each pathway has the same core degree requirements but is associated with specific career strengthening emphasis. Students may switch between pathways and may combine pathways if eligible. Specific coursework will be guided by the student's guidance committee and the Individual Development Plan jointly generated by the student and their guidance committee.

Prospective students may apply directly to the M.S. degree program at The application deadline to be considered for Fall Quarter is March 1. Applications may be considered for Winter and Spring quarter start dates if necessary. When applying, students are asked to note the desired curricular pathways or if they are undecided.

Curricular Pathway Options in the Biomedical Sciences M.S. Degree Program

  • Pathway to biomedical and health related careers
  • Pathway to the Ph.D.
  • Pathway to the M.D.
  • Pathway to the dual M.D.-M.S. (must be enrolled in UCR M.D. program)
  • Undecided

Pathway to the terminal Master's degree provides students with an opportunity to enhance their academics and develop their research skills in translational basic science. This pathway prepares students to gain an advanced degree that may be a stepping stone to many different careers in the biomedical science fields including but not limited to research in laboratory facilities, the public sector or science education.

Pathway to the Ph.D. degree provides students an opportunity to gain discernment in the field and to determine if a Ph.D. degree is in their future. This pathway provides students with pre-doctoral advising, science enrichment in biomedical sciences and research lab experience. Students on this pathway may be seeking careers in academia, research, health industry, or in education/science advocacy.

Students successfully completing the M.S. program and wishing to continue in the UCR Biomedical Sciences Ph.D. degree program will have to apply separately for admission to the Ph.D. program. Applications will be evaluated as part of the total Ph.D. program applicant pool.

Pathway to the M.D. degree provides students with aspirations for a career in medicine with professional development resources, mentoring, academic support, and premedical advising including application and interview preparation. Professional development and premedical advising are provided by the School of Medicine (SOM) Pipeline Program faculty and staff.

Students successfully completing the M.S. program and wishing to continue in the UCR SOM M.D. degree program will have to apply separately for admission to the M.D. program. Applications will be evaluated as part of the total M.D. program applicant pool.

Pathway for dual M.D.-M.S. degree provides current M.D. students in the School of Medicine an opportunity to pursue a specialization in a specific area of research. Candidates should consult SOM Student Affairs prior to applying.

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Prospective students: for assistance with admissions questions, contact Biomedical Sciences Admissions via email at

Current BMSC students: for assistance with course registration, program requirements, and fellowship and employment matters (TAships/GSRs), contact the Student Services Advisor or visit the office at 1143 Webber Hall.

Phone: (951) 827-4540

To schedule a virtual advising appointment, visit the advising bookings link.