Annual Review of Academic Progress of Graduate Students

Use this form to assess progress toward degree and career objectives over the past year. Specific instructions are provided at the top of this form. The deadline is July 1 of each year in the program.

Download the Annual Review form

Application for Teaching Assistant in Graduate Program In Biomedical Sciences

Download this form and submit it by May 1, 2020.

Download the TA application

Application for Pre-Doctoral Fellowship in Biomedical Sciences

Download this form and submit it before May 1, 2020.

Download the fellowship application

Application for Clinical Graduate Student Researcher in Biomedical Sciences

Download this form and submit it by May 1, 2020.

Download the Clinical GSR Application

Oral Qualifying Exam Committee Nomination Form (Form 2)

Use the Nomination for Qualifying Examination for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Form 2) and the Report of Departmental Degree Requirements to nominate your qualifying exam committee and set the date for your exam no less than two weeks and preferably one month prior to the date of the final qualifying examination date.

Please complete both forms and submit to the Graduate Student Services Advisor Hermila Torres, for approval by the graduate advisor.

Download the Nomination for Qualifying Examination

Download the Departmental Degree Requirements

Application for Biomedical Sciences Graduate Student Travel Award

Graduate students in the Biomedical Sciences program should submit this form when applying for a graduate student travel award. The purpose for attending conference/training event must tie directly to your area of research interest. You must also submit a confirmation of conference/training registration or a program that reflects the day and time of your presentation at event, and an abstract of your presentation or description of your work. See the form for complete information.

Download the Application for Graduate Student Travel Award

Application for Graduate Student Association Conference Travel Grant

The Graduate Student Association provides conference travel grants only to fee paying graduate students currently attending the University of California, Riverside in order to promote the presentation at conferences of original graduate student research done at the university.

Visit the GSA to learn about Conference Travel Grants

Written & Oral Qualifying Examination Forms

Use the Research Proposal Coversheet to secure approval of written research proposal by the major professor before it can be reviewed by the approved qualifying exam committee. Submit to Graduate Student Services Advisor Hermila Torres to receive a copy of the Written Exam Approval Form for final committee approval. The written proposal must be submitted to the committee no later than one week and preferably two weeks prior to the oral exam.

Download the Research Proposal Coversheet

Use Report on Qualifying Examination and Nomination of Dissertation Committee (Form 3) to report the final recommendation of the committee. This form and the Written Exam Approval Form must be submitted to Graduate Student Affairs Officer Natalie Diaz within forty-eight (48) hours of the exam.

Download the QE and Dissertation Committee Form

Dissertation Exam Form

Use Report of Final Examination (Form 5) to report the final results of your final examination.

Download the Report of Final Examination