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Division of Biomedical Sciences


The Division of Biomedical Sciences at the UCR School of Medicine has a rich tradition of high-impact research on medically relevant topics, student-centered teaching excellence and a service within the academic community.

Employment Opportunities

Interested in a career in the Division of Biomedical Sciences and the UCR School of Medicine? You can find a complete listing of open positions on the employment page of the SOM website.

Biomedical Sciences News

Hina Singh and Marcus Kaul
Small protein plays big role in chronic HIV infection
UC Riverside-led study on innate immune system may lead to new treatments for patients with neuroHIV
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brain scans
NIH grant supports new research on neurodevelopmental disorders
Project will focus on understanding mechanisms of hyperexcitability and seizures
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Surface expressed nucleocapsid protein on infected cells
Novel protective antibody target identified against Crimean Congo Hemorrhagic Fever virus
CCHFV poses a threat to U.S. military personnel and hospital staff as well as residents of a growing number of countries, says UC Riverside biomedical scientist
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A person's arm is shown getting the vaccine
New vaccine design uses immunity against influenza to offer faster protection against emerging pathogens
Strategy developed by UC Riverside-led research team speeds up production of antibodies against COVID-19
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